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Pastry Angel specialises in bespoke, custom, hand made baked goodies and treats. These things are crafted with care and love and they take time!

We’d love to assist with your party, pastry, confectionery or chocolate requirements. Fill in the form below to get the ball rolling. In order for us to deliver the best possible product and service to you, there are a few things to note (these are listed below). Thank you!

Please note the following before making a booking enquiry

  • Make your booking at least a week in advance. If you want a baked goody for a weekend (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) the order must be placed at the latest by 15:00 on the previous Thursday (not the Thursday just before the weekend, the one before that!).
  • Bookings are processed Monday to Friday. If you order on a Friday, or over the weekend, the order will only be processed on the following Monday.
  • Bookings must be paid in full before we start. Once we’ve processed your order (this usually happens the same day or the following morning), you will receive an invoice. This invoice must be paid in full at least a week in advance. People seem to like what we do do so there’s quite a demand for it. To keep standards up, we can’t chase you down for payment (we just don’t have the time) so, unfortunately, if you don’t pay promptly we will have to cancel the order.
  • We don’t do last minute. In case you didn’t get that, here it is again: We don’t do last minute. We’ve tried and it doesn’t work. Everything is affected, our amazing customers, the delicious products and, of course, us. We don’t do it. Period. Don’t even ask.

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